Looking to hire Experienced Roofers and Licensed Roofing Contractors

Posted by Jeremiah Sandkamp on Wednesday, July 23, 2014
A Sandkamp Roofing is growing by the Grace of God and we are looking to hire roofers that show quality in thier workmanship and a preferred 5+ years of experience in the roofing trade. We want honorable men to join our company and provide the labor support needed for our busy schedule. We believe in taking care of our workers, making them feel special needed and respected, in return we expect reliability and honesty. This is an opportunity to use your existing roofing skills and learn to perfect them to become the best roofer possible. A Sandkamp Roofing's motto is roof it right to make it last and protect the customers valuable investment. The security we give our clients is knowing they received the quality work of a professional roofer at a fair and honest price. We show care for the investment that protects family's and loved ones and will go above and beyond the normal roofer to address problems and work within a budget. The care and quality work given to our customers is expected from our team members that they show the same character of how we operate our business. Our mission is to show people the purpose God meant for our lives and to share His truth along this companies path of success. If your searching to be part of a good company then please apply and we'll give you the chance you've been waiting for. Interested applicants please contact Joan at 949-933-6527 to schedule an interview.

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